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        Ankang super meetall technology co., LTD. Experts workstation was founded

        Time:2019-03-04 Views:313
            On January 11, ankang super meetall technology co., LTD. Was founded experts workstation.
            Working committee secretary of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, minister of united front work department, ankang high-tech zone of yellow Yong attend activities and speech.
            Xian university of electronic science and technology institute of electrical and mechanical engineering dean assistant, doctor, super meetall expert yong-kun wang, director of the workstation, Dr., master tutor, super meetall workstation experts teacher Yang; From the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, shenzhen, the pearl river delta and other places of more than 80 with super meetall technology co., LTD. Cooperation enterprise representatives were invited to attend activities.
            The city association for science and technology, the city bureau of ministry, ankang high-tech zone working committee, management committee officials participated in the activities.
          Huang yong in his speech, fully affirmed the super meetall technology co., LTD. In the past year developing made gratifying achievements. And points out that enterprises should not only dare to look up at the starry sky, must adhere to the feet on the ground. Be dare to first-class, dominant ideals and ambitions, timing of enterprise development goal and path in advance, the building enterprise in the development of high quality planning system and the target system. With strict pragmatic endeavour attitude, keep improving to do a good job in the current of each product, feet on the ground to walk every step of the way, ready to take off the strengthen the solid foundation for the enterprise. Enterprises should highlight the core leading, must rely on the team. To further enlarge pattern, promote realm, precision farming, firmly believe that "all firewood high flame, the paddle ship" truth, accelerate the establishment of the social development of modern corporate governance structure, establish employee equity incentive management system, etc. Enterprise should not only for the opportunity to take, the more to keep in time of peace prepare for war. To continue to expand market segments, optimization of product structure, improve market share. Relying on experts workstation, especially Dr Dr Yong-kun wang and teacher Yang in concept innovation, professional expertise and strong advantages of academic research, speed up the launch of with independent intellectual property rights, with the core competitive advantage of new products, new technology, new achievements, constantly improve the market dominance and voice, to further promote the enterprises bigger and stronger to do best.
          Municipal association President zhao kun and super meetall expert yong-kun wang, director of the workstation, workstation for ankang super meetall technology co., LTD. Experts.
          Yong-kun wang in the speech introduces the basic situation, xian university of electronic science and technology of mechanical and electronic engineering institute, he said, the school will perform the duties of a science and technology leading, technology exchange, radiating and driving play play demonstrative leading,, pay attention to exchanges and cooperation in research, professional guide and peer mutual aid, combining practical reflection, pay attention to the innovation of the form and content, booster ankang high-tech zone to speed up the implementation of strategic innovation drive.
          High-tech zone in ankang, vice secretary of working committee, management committee director wang said in a speech, super since getting settled in ankang high-tech zone, relying on the advanced management idea and superb manufacturing process, have the courage to explore, pragmatic innovation, brand competitiveness and market share significantly increased, to promote high-tech zone has made a positive contribution to the development of strategic emerging industries agglomeration. He hopes to enterprises with the experts workstation set up as an opportunity to further enhance the capacity of scientific and technological innovation, constantly promote transformation and upgrading of industries, and become bigger and stronger enterprise brand, to create international leading high-end first-class enterprise and industry.
          Ankang vice secretary of party working zhi-qun zhang presided over activities in the zone.
          Yang, vice President of the municipal association for science and technology high read a super meetall experts workstation approval documents.
          Ankang king super meetall technology co., LTD., chairman of the red.
          Ankang, head of the department, ZhuQu unit in the zone and the high-tech zone on the part of the gauge head of the enterprise, super meetall technology co., LTD. All the staff to participate in the activities.
          The ankang super meetall technology co., LTD and xi ‘an university of electronic science and technology institute of electrical and mechanical engineering work together, the two sides will integrate high quality resources, promote enterprise‘s innovation ability and the level of science and technology, build the "xian university of electronic science and technology, ankang super meetall technology co., LTD., cooperative r&d center" "teaching practice base in xi ‘an university of electronic science and technology" "xian university of electronic science and technology - ankang expert workstation" super meetall technology co., LTD. Cooperation.