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        Contact: Caojie
        Mailbox: caojie@akcomate.com
        Company Tel: 0915-3284606
        Address: Northwest Electronic Information Park, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province

        Company News

        Qualitative inspect branch and super meetall held a symposium of metrological work

        Time:2019-10-28 Views:285
                On October 27, 2019, the city pledges inspect bureau deputy director Shen Huilan, city testing center from hua-ju li, deputy director of the high bureau chief line 8 and ankang super meetall technology co., LTD. Held a symposium of metrological work.

             Super meetall Zhang Xiuyong operations director, the director of quality a-king is put forward by the qualitative inspect branch companies such as general standard certificates, measuring instruments, calibration and the use of the appraisal certificate for further communication.

             Quality control department to check the company of all kinds of universal standard certificate, equipment inspection certificate, the company introduced the free net phone measurement platform, is proposed to reduce the company measuring equipment testing costs, improve detection standard legal protection.

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