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        By 2020 China‘s biomass heating will replace about 30 million tons of coal

        Time:2018-01-08 Views:381
        Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued with the National Energy Board, "on the promotion of biomass heat for the development of guidance", "opinions" clearly the biomass heat as an important measure to deal with air pollution and accelerate the biomass heat in the region Civil heating and small and medium-sized industrial park heating in the application of building a distributed green low-carbon clean and environmentally friendly heating system.
        In accordance with the planning goal, by 2020, China‘s biomass cogeneration capacity will exceed 12 million kilowatts, the annual utilization of biomass molding fuel about 30 million tons, biomass gas annual utilization of about 10 billion cubic meters of biomass for Heat total direct replacement of about 30 million tons of coal.
        It is reported that as a green low-carbon clean and renewable energy heating economy, biomass heating mainly through biomass cogeneration and biomass boiler heating in two forms, directly on the user side to replace fossil fuels, and at Replacing county and rural coal-fired heating has a huge effect.